Sunday, October 16, 2011

War on the Horizon

2204 hours-Local standard time: Republic of New Hope

***To Directorate of Generals RNH*** Notice to mobilize all military forces for seizure of all military bases, armories and checkpoints along adjoining borders with the Phoenix Barony. ROE-use necessary force to subdue local militaries and civilian population.

***Recent attempts to seize border lands along the Six River Provinces has led to a state of emergency, prompting a preempitve military action against the PB. It is the  hope of the Prime Minister of RNH that a show of unified force for our brethren in the SRP will send a message to cease any further attempts at invasion and to withdraw to within their borders. Further orders as situation progresses. Upates available on all military channels.***

---------------....END TRANSMISSION.....------------------

---This is the start of a new storyline I am creating for my 15mm forces that I am working on, looking to find a set of rules that will work with a small group of colonies on a recently settled planet. Pics and more story to come shortly. Thanks for reading.

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